We promote volunteering because it is a valuable form of economic activity, sometimes enabling services to the community that would otherwise be unavailable – our own service relies on volunteers. If you are interested in helping drop by and talk to a current volunteer.

You can explore other voluntary work opportunities in or near Glastonbury via the link below.

Click for Voluntary Vacancies in Glastonbury and local area

Local voluntary groups can ask us to list a vacancy by following this link Recruitment 

I am still working as an Employability Trainer thanks to the experience volunteering in the OppShop gave me, L.F.


We recommend volunteering to clients who are between jobs, or who are seeking to broaden their experience in order to improve their work choices, as well as to people not currently seeking paid work.

Please note that with the introduction of Universal Credit the rules on volunteering (and on job search) are changing, and people who meet the ‘all work related requirements’ rule will be expected to spend 35 hours a week in work search and may not spend more than 17.5 hours a week volunteering. See this link from NCVO

I have gained skills and confidence volunteering at the OppShop.


Looking for voluntary work further afield than Glastonbury see:

SPARK (Volunteer Opportunities in South Somerset, Mendip and Sedgemoor)

Or nationally register with “Do it” 

Glastonbury Opportunities