Staff Recruitment

Glastonbury Opportunities is happy to assist local employers with staff recruitment. We provide a free information, advice and support service to people seeking work; we are not an agency or an employer.

If you are a local employer you can notify us of vacancies in four ways:

This is a great service; saves so much time having local jobs all available in one place. :).

H. B. 2016

  1. Upload job details to us in electronic format.
  2. Complete and submit the online form
  3. Post details to us.
  4. Phone in the details during opening hours 01458 830304
    Visit the OppShop (details) during opening hours
    (10 – 1 weekdays – come early to avoid the rush!)

We will always speak to you to confirm that we are posting the vacancy and to explain our willingness to accept a donation towards the cost of providing this service.

Jobs listed must be within a 5-mile radius of Glastonbury.

One of the services in Glastonbury with real value; fulfilling a real need in the community

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