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JOB ID: 3623






Hidden Voices Somerset


15th February 2021


We are looking for volunteers to support the following aspects of the project: General support from the two core volunteers will provide the victim with in-depth support and allow the core team to get to know them. Together with 2- 4 further “support volunteers” they will create a circle of support delivering everyday tasks like driving to accommodation, support at appointments and low level befriending, so that where the victim is planning to stay local they will have built up community ties to act as a preventative measure against further exploitation. Employment readiness and skills development: A different group of volunteers will be recruited to mentor and support victims with the right to work to obtain work with the “Bright Futures” programme, a national job placement programme for victims of slavery to which The Clewer Initiative belongs.

How to Apply

To find out more about the opportunity email David Maggs, Mission Team Leader (Diocese of Bath and Wells). or call on 01749 670777

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